Secure cash registers in Melbourne

Example of one of our Melbour cash registers

Reliable maintenance and repair services

Our qualified technical staff have the knowledge and expertise to provide comprehensive maintenance and repair services for your cash register. If you have a faulty cash register or simply want us to carry out an annual service to keep it running in top condition, give us a call today.

Wide Range of Cash Registers for All Types of Businesses

At Austech Weighing, we offer a diverse selection of standalone and network cash registers. With everything from basic set-ups to fully linked systems with weighting capabilities and touchscreen checkout operation, our experienced team can help you find the exact cash register you’re looking for.

Cash Register Integration

Our cash registers easily and seamlessly integrate with checkout scales and other popular point of sale systems. As well as scales, our reliable cash registers can also be linked to printers and scanners. Applications range from specialist retailers in a variety of industries to supermarket operations. There are many options available when selecting an integrated cash register with a linked weighing scales system. Our professional sales team can provide all the cash register advice and assistance you need in order to find the perfect solution for you. We know the products, we know the options.

To find out more about our high-quality cash registers, call our expert team today on 03 9793 7969.